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The New Working Place

Since the beginning of September 2011 our team moved back to our new office. About 6 months passed to get the entire renovation of the Intel offices in Feldkirchen done. Six months of getting all the inside out, renovating floor after floor and get new furniture as well as cubicles back in.

The result is shown in the pictures – a bright and welcoming atmosphere with lots of cool and useful things. Here are my favorites: Weiterlesen

Quattroball & Windsurfing

One week of vacation started with the Quattroball-tournament – to play with one team volleyball, basketball, handball and soccer. Straight after work, we started Friday July 8th to head 240km north to Memmelsdorf next to Bamberg. Prior to meet with the rest of the Isarpiesler team at a Greek restaurant in Bamberg, we set up the tents and checked all the sport equipment.

Next day started and we were looking at a full schedule:

  • 2 Games of Volley-, Basket-, Handball & soccer, each = 8 Games
  • 20 min playtime, each = 2h 40min
  • overall 96 teams approx. 1200 player
  • 12 players for the Isarpiesler team (10 male, 2 female)
  • we played in Group F (16 teams in 6 Groups)


Finland :: Tampere

My first visit to Finland brought me to Tampere; a city in the south of Finland approx. 180 kilometer north-west of Helsinki. Purpose of this trip was the MeeGo Summit and therefore this trip was more or less business-related rather then private but still I tried to capture some local impressions.

The trip started in Munich with Finnair to Helsinki and then with a propelle-aircraft to Tampere (fairly cheap – 280€ overall for at the end 4 flights).

The weather that was waiting – fairly cold with 3-10 degree Celsius but very sunny. Still Finland’s lakes were covered with thick ice (perfect view while flying with the propelle-aircraft). I was told that the spring just started and the temperatures rose above freezing point just a couple days ago.


In Numbers | Winter Trip #3 2011 Sölden

4 people stayed 4/5 night at our holiday home LeJardin in Sölden 210 kilometer SSE of Munich. We had 3/4 skiing days at the ski resort Sölden im Ötztal with 34 lifts148 ski run kilometers and a high alpine location of the slopes with 1.350 – 3.340 m above sea level with 2 glacier ski areas.

In 3 days 7.870 kcal were burned in 17h30min of boarding (including lift rides, barely brakes) while constantly listening to 13 songs in my snowboard playlist.

The environmental facts state that we had 1 perfect day of sun, 2 very warm days with clouds, fog and some rain.

This trip market the end for the Winter trips in this season, thank Wulf, Tina & Una – looking forward to the next season were we go three digits slope kilometers in one day and I will fall big time while practicing 360s =)

In Numbers | Winter Trip #2 2011 Serfaus

We stayed 5 night at Hotel Amadeus-Micheluzzi in Serfaus 190 kilometer SW of Munich. My trip log book notes approx. 220 snowboard kilometer driven on 28 different routes (no estimates this time) in 4 skiing days at the ski resort Serfaus, Fiss & Ladis with 40 lifts and  190 ski run kilometers.

Doing so 9.050 kcal were burned in 21h05min of boarding (including lift rides, nearly no breaks at all) while constantly listening to 15 songs in my snowboard playlist; for relaxing we entered 6 times into the sauna.

The environmental facts state that we had 1 day of sun, 3 days with massive snowfall an 20-30cm powder each day.

In Numbers | Winter Trip #1 2011 Brixen im Thale

We stayed 5 night at Hubertus Hotel in Brixen im Thale 125 kilometer SSE of Munich. My trip log book notes approx. 210 snowboard kilometer driven on more than 34 different routes (estimate) in the ski resort SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser with 91 lifts and  279 ski run kilometers.

Doing so 10.115 kcal were burned in 28h32min of boarding (including lift rides, nearly no breaks at all) while constantly listening to 12 songs in my snowboard playlist; for relaxing we entered 10 times into the sauna.

The environmental facts state that we had 2 days of sun, 1 day with massive snowfall an 35cm powder. A mean temperature of -11 degree celcius (11,2°F) at the top of the mountain (min -17°C (1,4°F); max -9°C (15,8°F)).

Munich :: Halloween

Buying a mid-sized pumkin at a local pumpkin field. Copying the outline of an Halloween figure to the pumpkin. Making a big mess while emptiying the pumpkings inner life. Cutting out the Halloween figures parts from the smaller to the larger ones – guided by the outline and with the help of special pumpkin carving set.

Cleaning up. Waiting for the dark and lighting up a candle inside. The is how we go for the first Halloween in Munich.

Munich :: Lightning & Thunder

Studies are finished, internships are take and the life of work is ahead. Bye Bye Ilmenau and Welcome to Munich. To be honest, this blogpost should have been written a couple of months ago but as you know moving to another city, getting to know you new workspace plus a ton of random things keeps you kind of busy.

The same apology I should address to pictures I have made during this time. A couple of them wait to be looked at, evaluated, brightened up and published at the end of the day. So here is a starting point – one of my first shots during a nice thunderstorm viewed from our apartment.

Island :: Auswertung

Unsere Reise nach Island war, wie auch die anderen Reisen zuvor, ein Erlebnis, welches wir nicht missen möchten. Land, Leute und Kultur haben uns sehr gefallen. Der Hauptstadt Reykjavik werden wir gerne ein zweites Mal einen Besuch abstatten. Vielleicht werden wir das nächste Mal im Hochsommer oder im tiefsten Winter vorbei schauen.

Unvergessen werden die Hot Pots vor schönster Gletscher-Kulisse bleiben. Genauso wie Islandpferde, Fjorde und Ski-Gebiete.


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