One week of vacation started with the Quattroball-tournament – to play with one team volleyball, basketball, handball and soccer. Straight after work, we started Friday July 8th to head 240km north to Memmelsdorf next to Bamberg. Prior to meet with the rest of the Isarpiesler team at a Greek restaurant in Bamberg, we set up the tents and checked all the sport equipment.

Next day started and we were looking at a full schedule:

  • 2 Games of Volley-, Basket-, Handball & soccer, each = 8 Games
  • 20 min playtime, each = 2h 40min
  • overall 96 teams approx. 1200 player
  • 12 players for the Isarpiesler team (10 male, 2 female)
  • we played in Group F (16 teams in 6 Groups)

After the first day we ranked Fourth (5 wins / 3 losses) in our group that meant we would play in Group B the second day – this meant rank 32 worst & 17 best case; but now we would compete against harder teams compared to the first day. We played really well (2 wins / 2 ties / 4 losses) and finished overall 25th. – best result in the Isarpiesler history!

Right after the flower- & closing ceremony we hit the road to drive 700km north-east to the Baltic Sea island Usedom were we spend 5 days to learn windsurfing at Windsport-Usedom. We did a 3 day course. After arriving Monday morning at 3am we didn’t make it to the fist day so we jump-started on day two (skipping the theory lessons). There was nearly no wind and really nice weather so we had our first short encounters with the surf rigg- & board but due to the weather we stopped very quickly. So we went to the beach and played some mini golf.

For us the second surf day was challenging with winds up to 4 to 5 on a beaufort scale and it got even worse on day three and four with winds up to 7. It was challenging but still very nice! On the last day we did our theory test and finally got our surfing pass – now we have to practice, practice, practice.

Some equipment facts for beginners:

  • our beginners board had 214l volume (a beginner should have at least 100 liter rest volume after subtracting his weight+10; in my case 214l – 71(kg) – 10 =133l > 100l)
  • our rigg on the first day had 4,5 square meters and 3,5 at the last two days

Overall a nice and sportive week!