4 people stayed 4/5 night at our holiday home LeJardin in Sölden 210 kilometer SSE of Munich. We had 3/4 skiing days at the ski resort Sölden im Ötztal with 34 lifts148 ski run kilometers and a high alpine location of the slopes with 1.350 – 3.340 m above sea level with 2 glacier ski areas.

In 3 days 7.870 kcal were burned in 17h30min of boarding (including lift rides, barely brakes) while constantly listening to 13 songs in my snowboard playlist.

The environmental facts state that we had 1 perfect day of sun, 2 very warm days with clouds, fog and some rain.

This trip market the end for the Winter trips in this season, thank Wulf, Tina & Una – looking forward to the next season were we go three digits slope kilometers in one day and I will fall big time while practicing 360s =)