Gathering data for my diploma thesis was originally planed to take place at Intel Friday Night games within the ESL Pro Series Season 15 but apparently work at Massive went well and I was able go into field at the new European trade fair for interactive games and entertainment. The custom-build World in Conflict: Soviet Assault map was played by 181 persons at GamesCom (19.-23. August 2009) in Cologne.

To encourage people, to actually takes some time to sit down, play this mission and answer a questions in an online survey,  a prize drawing was offered.

The winners have been contacted by eMail and will get their copy after replying with their shipment address. Deadline will be Sept. 9th 2009. Again, Thanks for taking part and I hope you had some fun, playing this nice piece of World in Conflict.

To see who won read on …

  • 3642 hitpoints | Heinz M.
  • 3645 hitpoints | Tim H.
  • 3648 hitpoints | Christian E.
  • 3652 hitpoints | Alexander K.
  • 3675 hitpoints | Tarik Ö.

The prize drawing was not part of the anonymous research and all attendees of the research where asked to fill in their contact information in order to take part at the prize drawing. The best five players that finished the mission with the most truck hit points remaining would win one copy of World in Conflict: Soviet Assault. If there would have been more then five players with 3675 hit points left; five winners among these players would have been be drawn. A legal recourse was and is excluded.