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Spending about half a year dealing with games, their long history and the passion of designer & developers surrounding them, brought up the desire to add a historic game flair by getting my own diploma thesis tag to introduce blog articles upon the topic and for the thesis itself. To take a deep-dive into the history of games a book called „The Ultimate History of Video Games: From Pong to Pokemon“ led me through the years of excitement in a very entertaining and authentic way.

After spending more then a month at Ubisoft Massive in Sweden and playing various sessions of classic arcade games the category was set. Why not doing something with „BLiNKY“, „PiNKY“, „iNKEY“, CLYDE“ or hijack the invaders from out of space that entered the world in 1978?

I came up some ideas – feel free to help me to choose one.


u p d a t e

I never imagined to get such a controversial but still consistent – in terms of the number of persons that support one version – feedback upon my request. At the end majority (if you can call it something like that after considering that v1 = 9votes; v2 = 8votes; v3 = 10votes & v4 =8votes) voted for number three. Therefore this version was picked and modified due to advices of people that actually voted. Thanks for all attendees.

3 Kommentare

  1. Florian

    Huh. Suddenly, my ‚ancient map‘-design doesn’t look as cool as it used to. I’d vote vor v2.

  2. Bernd

    People like dont know what IGA means! And v4 looks much to pink :-D

  3. Andreas

    My heart says v2, my brain insits on v4 ;)

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