What are you doing on May 8th. 2007 or June 13th. 2007? Nothing? Alright. Time for some sporty activities. The university sports centre of Ilmenau invites to the anual duathlon in May as well as the triathlon in June.

This year the organizing team estimates 70 participants for the 13th. d u a t h lo n.Never the less the estimation for the 15th. t r i a t h l o n is even higher – 160 athletes.

Both events will take place in Heyda near the dam. The starting signal for both of them will be at 5.30pm. To sign up for these highly sportive events you just have to visit teamtria.de

  • 13th. Duathlon on May 8th 2007 at 5.30pm
  • 15th. Triathlon June 13th 2007 at 5.30pm
  • In Heyda near the dam