Summarized “ Wir drehen … Sound ab … Komparsen ab … und Bitte … „ has been the most frequent directive a inhomogeneous group of about 150 extras got during filming 3 nights at Villa Bergried in Saalfeld.

All the takes that have been taken at this dozy spot above Saalfeld may retrieve in the movie „Lulu and Jimi“ that will be in cinemas in 2008.

  • It is about sweeping love, rock & roll and getting rid of all that stale air of the fifties. Light and darkness, bright garish colours, hot rock & roll and wild dance numbers mark this road movie about lovers fleeing from the evil powers of a deeply bigoted society.
  • Charakters are Lulu and Jimi ; Lulu’s mother Gertrud, her secret lover Schulz and many more.
  • Director Oskar Roehler


In order of that, extras from the agency wanted and deliCUTessen will go to the movie just to see a circa six minute result of working on various scenes from 4pm till 7am each night.

It was a experience anybody who likes movies should get just to gain a slide idea of how movies are really made.

To end it up – thanks tho the agency as well as crew and not to forget – all the extras. Like Oskar would say „… und danke!“.

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