Friday 11th. 2007 at 6pm. startet the first technology night better know as „Lange Nacht der Technik“ in Ilmenau. The theme for the event – Highlights or „Glanzlichter“ was described by many illuminates set up by a group of students that planned one semester in order to fulfill this theme.

2007_05_11_lNdT00 2007_05_11_lNdT01 2007_05_11_lNdT08

2007_05_11_lNdT07 2007_05_11_lNdT09 2007_05_11_lNdT03
2007_05_11_lNdT04 2007_05_11_lNdT13 2007_05_11_lNdT05
2007_05_11_lNdT02 2007_05_11_lNdT10 2007_05_11_lNdT12
2007_05_11_lNdT15 2007_05_11_lNdT16 2007_05_11_lNdT14